Inquiryall inquires everything it regards worth an inquiry, from philosophy to very impersonal feelings. Inquiryall is designed to uphold passion for seeking answers to many investigative queries to expand the horizon of knowledge. Passionate inquiry into knowledge and information through research, films and books that one can trust.

According to Wikipedia, “Inquiry is any process that has the aim of augmenting knowledge, resolving doubt, or solving a problem. A theory of inquiry is an account of the various types of inquiry and a treatment of the ways that each type of inquiry achieves its aim”.

The Oxford dictionary defines Inquiry as, “a request for information about somebody/something; a question about somebody/something”; or “the act of asking questions or collecting information about somebody/something”.
Because of the many questions that remain unanswered, Inquiry links all for the love of quenching the thirst of seeking knowledge and resolving doubts.

Moreover, Inquiryall, in the form of a person, is constantly running after for plausible answers for the love of nature, philosophy, and research. I, myself, being an inquisitor, not the kind medieval ecclesiastic religious system approved to combat heresy, my aim is to combat self-ignorance, fundamentalism, injustice, racism, inclusivism materialism, and insensitive attitude towards mother nature.

Being born in an underprivileged condition, mistreatment, the injustice of lesser fellow beings aches my heart, as my soul always seeks to speak for them. Knowing the unknown, especially the unknowable, is a thirst that always remains unquenched.

I believe, therefore, that knower should know no bound. But knower must know what should be known and made known in order to enlighten the ignorant. For everything is to be known, but not all things to be disseminated.

Knowledge and education should, therefore, change humanity’s destructive perception into a constructive stepping stone. However, just as T.S. Eliot said, humanity must know to distinguish knowledge from Education, Education from information or information from knowledge or wisdom from knowledge. He says-

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?

By now, the world has had all the possible brilliant minds, but it is in the reductive trend o wisdom. Education is needed, knowledge is demanded, information is expected but wisdom is sought most of all.