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All The King’s Men 1949 Film Review 20232

All the King’s Men movie 1949 is an American political drama based on the novel by Robert Penn Warren of the same name published in 1946. The film is about the story of Kanoma County Governor Willie Stark who rose to power during the Great Depression. The film’s portrayal of the rise and fall of Willie Stark coincides with that of Huey Long, the governor of Louisiana during the time. It shows how Stark manipulated poor and middle-class citizens to grab power whose disillusioned idealist and pragmatic and frequently illegal and unethical actions led to humanitarian progress.

Distinguished American novelist, poet, university professor and scholar Robert Penn Warren wrote the novel from 1942 to 1950, while he taught at the University of Minnesota. The novel talks about the rise and fall of a tactful Southern political leader during the Depression, and its protagonist is no doubt based on the legendary political leader Huey Long, whom Warren followed during his tenure at Louisiana State. However, for All the King’s Men, Warren won the Pulitzer Prize in 1947.

Inspired and influenced by Greek tragedy and the name derived from Shakespeare’s play, Richard III, All the King’s Men 1949 was released at a time when economic hardship was in the scene across the USA and was met with controversy due to its portrayal of political corruption.

Critically acclaimed, All the King’s Men (1949) was directed by Robert Rossen, a film that took us deep into the heart of American politics in the 1930s. It won 3 Academy Awards including Best Picture. Though there has been a 2006 version of it, the 1949 version of All the King’s Men is better in many ways. When All the President’s Men talks about the power of journalism in perusing corruption of the Nixon administration, All the King’s Men shows us how and why a prospective journalist of Chronicles became a hatchet man and a trouble-shooter of a corrupt governor.

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