Kulsum Johar Godabari: the Arab beauty sensation
Kulsum Johar Godabari

Kulsum Johar Godabari: the woman of Saudi beauty contest

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Saudi women find their way to beauty-contest after all. Kulsum Johar Godabari, wife of one of Saudi Prince Sheikh Abd al-Mahmood became viral on the Internet.

There was a time when there was no woman in the Saudi royal family who can easily be seen. Consequently, there is no way to get their photos on the Internet, because the pictures of the conservative families of Saudi Arabia do not come out openly.

But over the period and change of time Saudi ruling regime the cultural and traditional landscape started to take a different course. Saudi women are being released from traditional captivity as they can participate in numerous cultural and recreational events.

Kulsum Johar Godabari is the most searched Saudi woman on the Internet

They can now travel without a male guardian and can drive as well. Not only Saudi women can watch sports in a stadium with their family members, but they also have gone as far as to join in a beauty contest.

Recently, some images of Fatima Kulsum Johar Godabari became viral on the Internet. Since then the media has claimed that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

The website ‘Malaysian Review’ describes the beauty of Fatima, saying that if she participates in a world beauty contest, she will get Miss World title. Her face is a real miracle, the creator’s amazing creation Fatima Kulsum is the former princess of Saudi Arabia. It is known that she was born in a hospital in Chennai, India on October 22, 1986.

She has recently passed the MBA. As oil-rich countries’ alliance OPEC, she is the richest among oil vendors. She has also occupied the place of the wealthiest women in the Muslim world.

According to the sources of the Saudi royal family, news media reported that Fatima has been working with several charities recently. Especially on the issue of women in Saudi Arabia, she has been lauded highly.

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