Passionate inquiry into knowledge and information through research, films, and books that one can trust. Inquiryall inquires everything it regards worth an inquiry, from philosophy to very impersonal feelings.


The articles of the section are results of my passion for research that I thought worth putting some efforts. As a result, these articles rich with information.

Film review

You would certainly love this section if you are a film lover, especially if they are the 100 best of 100 years, from 1920-2020. I have painstakingly rewritten or reviewed them.


Defined, musing means a period of reflection or thought. Musing is for the articles that I think needs some in-depth introspection, either passionately or dispassionately.

Book review

The posts in this section are just about the books, the best selling books or any books I have read, are reviewed and put forward the points I find worth noting.


Opinions, regarding any disciplines or incidences are integral parts of peoples’ very foundation freedom of speech. Read them only if you think you are free to accept the ideas.

bangla translation

Some thought provoking and well-thought-out articles from various influential thinktank and dominant websites are translated into Bangla language for the Bengali readers.

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About Inquiryall

All of the contents inside Inquiryall are done based on a non-profit motive. Inspired by free thinking spirit and the most influential figures in the fields of philosophy, science, psychology I have constructed this platform as means of cultivating and disseminating free thinking. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.