How to Get Your Ex Back - The 6 Mistakes People Make

How to Get Your Ex Back - The 6 Mistakes People Make

 So you want to learn how to get your ex-boy /girlfriend back.

Compromise is important when you are in a relationship, and it is just as important when you are trying to get him or her back. You have to think about them and what they want, not just what you want.

Getting your Ex back is not that easy, but it is usually not impossible. Follow these tips first of what NOT to do, and then at the end of the article read the advice on how to get them back.

Here are the 6 key things that you absolutely should NEVER do if you want to win back your Ex.

1) Chase after your Ex. The more you chase after them, the faster they will run. Here is the thing, how can they miss you if you never go away?

2) Call them repeatedly. This lets them know that you have nothing going on except for trying to get them back. It also makes them dread seeing your number on their caller ID.

3) Beg and plead. This will only make you look desperate and make them think they made the right decision when they left. It makes he or she feel anxious just to get away from you.

4) Cause drama. Yelling, screaming and stirring up trouble does nothing to endear you to the person you want to come back to you. Rather, they want to get farther away from you if you become a source of trouble in their life.

5) Crying. This makes you look out of control and pathetic. Of course, you will probably cry at some point if you feel your heart has been broken. That is completely natural and normal. Just do it in private and never let them know about it.

6) Bend over backwards. If you are broken up, you should not be giving them rides to work, or doing errands for them, of any of the other things that you did when you were still in a relationship. If they get those things anyway, why should they get back together with you? You need to step away so they can both miss and appreciate you.

If you have been doing any of these things, simply stop now.

Now that you are up to speed with the basics of what NOT to do, would you like to know how to make your Ex wanting to get back together with you? It starts with your mindset. 

Dealing with a breakup is tough, but the first step is to look at your separation as a stepping stone to an even better relationship after you two get back together again.

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